By Ricky P Anthony M).
Wiz Khalifa made a guest appearance on Sleep at Night, a track that surfaced earlier this month on Taylor Gangs free mixtape.
KH - ganhar massa e queimar gordura She Wanna Have (Prod.
Ricky P - On Ten (Prod.By Ricky P Pharamazan).By Greedy Money).JR Donato, Wiz Khalifa Chevy Woods - The Man (Prod.By Ricky P ID Labs Frank Dukes).It seems a new star is on the horizon.Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods Blunt Smoker - Trap Phone (Prod.By ID Labs Nice Rec Jay Card).By Tekneek Music Scientist).Ty Dolla Sign Wiz Khalifa - Take It There (Prod.By Crazy Mike Lil Awree Juicy J).The 23-track project features appearances from the growing number of rappers and producers associated with the group, as well as plenty of guests.
With his son Sebastian dancing beside him, Mister Cap raps about Amber Rose.
My baby mama say that I aint living right, he rhymes.