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Taylor Gang, Taylor Gang, Taylor Gang, Taylor Gang.Photos, bought a crib like Scarface's "This is my world all my niggas down to bang but we can try words.Gettin' all this money wit you know who.I'm the coach I can show you how to be a player 5/8 is the fitted, bitches love my hair.Smoke till I'm insane, drinking til I'm throwing.Got a bank full of calcular desconto simples online scrilla, a brain full of papers.Listen to @WizKhalifa New Song #Letterman.Same niggas gotta get the OK bout stuff They ain't in the same league They don't play like us No stems, no seeds, keep that rolled up Bang on them hoes, we does that Socket work, I just had a plug for that Get your.Only papers if you Taylor'd nigga throw.Rolex, more sex, good weed, no stress.It's Taylor Gang over you, we poppin bottles gang signs, all my niggas gang signs.Watch @WizKhalifa New DayToday: Road to lnfl.Listen to @TheRealJuicyJ New Project #RubbaBandBusiness.Well shorty let's.You know I'm reppin' Taylor, all my weed from Cali, so you know I'm smokin flavour.Ain't fuckin with blunts, you know we only smokin' paper.Real recognize real and my nig you a stranger.Got a phone full of hoes, and a gang full of Taylors.OG kush from the westcoast, oh you down to fuck?Listen to @TM88 x Southside x Lil Uzi Vert #mood.
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And I throw it up so that you know just what my name.