According to payback method, the project that promises a quem ganhou corinthians ou santos quick recovery of initial investment is considered desirable.
Payback method with uneven cash flow: In the above examples we have assumed that the projects generate even cash inflow but many projects usually generate uneven cash flow.
Use payback method for your answer.
Under payback method, an investment project is accepted or rejected on the basis of payback period.The only difference between solving for n based on the PV of annuity formula and the formula shown at the top of the page is substituting PV for the initial investment since they are both equal.Machine X would cost 25,000 and would have a useful life of 10 years with zero salvage value.When projects generate inconsistent or uneven cash inflow (different cash inflow in different periods the simple formula given above cannot be used to compute payback period.Formulas and Calculation Procedure, in discounted payback period we have to calculate the present value of each cash inflow taking the start of the first period as zero point.Year n, cash Flow.Wants to reduce its labor cost by installing a new machine.Para trazer a valor presente vfvp (1 i) n vpvf(1 i) n Fórmula dos juros compostos.Thus, since PV of the annuity equals the initial investment, solving for n, the number of periods, based on the present value of annuity formula can be used.Duas métricas usuais ul li Payback simples descontado /li /ul.Absolute value of discounted cumulative cash flow at the end of the period A; C, discounted cash flow during the period after.If the payback period of a project is shorter than or equal to the managements maximum desired payback period, the project is accepted, otherwise rejected.VP (FC) preenchido PBD 2 111,57 300,53 2,37 anos FC no final do ano: 3 anos FC distribuído no ano: Ano FC Na HP 12C VP Saldo f Reg CHS FV 14 i 0 n PV -500,00 -500, FV 1 n PV 181,82.Trazendo a valor presente Cálculo do PBD PBD 3 anos FCs no final do ano PBD 2 111,57/300,53 2,37 anos FCs distribuído no ano.As stated in the prior section, the process of calculating the discounted payback period when all cash flows are equal could be simplified by using a present value of annuity table to calculate.The discounted cash inflow for each period is to be calculated using the formula: Discounted Cash Inflow, actual Cash Inflow (1 i)n.Required: Compute payback period of machine X and conclude whether or not the machine would be purchased if the maximum desired payback period of Delta company is 3 years.For example, If two projects, project A and project B require an initial investment of 5,000.Alternative Discounted Payback Period Formula, the formula listed at the top of the page assumes that each cash flow is equal.Another method to simplify the calculation when cash flows are even is to use a table for the present value of annuity factor in order to solve.Disadvantages: The payback method does not take into account the time value of money.
Três objetivos ul li Entender os princípios básicos de avaliação as técnicas baseadas em prazos calcular payback simples e descontado /li /ul.
According to payback method, the equipment should be purchased because the payback period of the equipment.5 years which is shorter than the maximum desired payback period of 4 years.

Solution: Payback period of machine X: 18,000/3,000 6 years Payback period of machine y: 15,000/3,000 5 years According to payback method, machine Y is more desirable than machine X because it has a shorter payback period than machine.
A short payback period reduces the risk of loss caused by changing economic conditions and other unavoidable reasons.
Solution: Step 1: In order to compute the payback period of the equipment, we need to workout the net annual cash inflow by deducting the total of cash outflow from the total of cash inflow associated with the equipment.